Welcome to our fairytale village Čičmany in Slovakia

Welcome to our fairytale village Čičmany in Slovakia Behold Čičmany, a small village famous for its uniquely painted wooden houses. For their protection, the village has been declared a historical preservation of folk architecture. The village is of great interest also thanks to the regional folk costumes, where the atmosphere of the distant past still remains.

Wonderful environment of Strážov hills provides a pure enjoyment of the surrounding countryside. In summer, tourism awaits your choice with a plenty of hiking trails to offer. The surroundings of Rajec valley are too enchanting to be missed by any nature-lover.

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Our-Your guesthouse Javorina is a reconstructed wooden folk residence that offers accommodation, meals and wellness services in accordance with its home-like atmosphere and traditions.

Take the time to relax at a place where time has stopped, but the quality of services guarantees your satisfaction. The restaurant with domestic Slovak cuisine will satisfy each one of you.

During summertime you can enjoy the Slovak barbecue specialties on the terrace and sing to live music performances. In the evening, you can sit in a stylish chalet at our farmyard where domestic pets wander around.

If that is not enough, savor the evening in a sleek wine bar with fireplace. Diverse list of fresh cheese options from nearby chalet is offered to your glass of good wine.

As always, we are waiting for you in a traditional costume and a toast 🙂

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