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Rajecké Teplice – SPA – 25 km


Rajecké Teplice, surrounded by the wreath of Súľov mountain chain, Strážov highlands and Mala Fatra are situated in the northwestern Slovakia near Žilina, in the valley of river Rajčianka, at an altitude of 420 m above the sea level.


Bojnice Castle, ZOO – 40 km

zamok-bojniceStanding on a travertine hill above the town, Bojnice castle is one of the oldest and most important monuments in Slovakia. Bojnice ZOO is a general zoo type, with no pronounced specialization. In the past, most of the attention was paid to lynx, runners, deer and bovid ungulates. Today, the zoo is gradually trying to focus on endangered species.

Slovak Bethlehem – 12 km

vylet3Slovak Bethlehem in Rajecka Lesna was carved by master Joseph Pekar, who began to work on this art piece in 1980. Slovak Bethlehem shows the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, and the history of and life in Slovak country. It’s Slovakia on a palm of a hand; a unique Christian and national piece of art sculpted by master Joseph Pekar.

Kunerad Castle – 25 km

vylet9 Kunerad may have been established as a servant settlement dedicated to breeding hogs. Word kuneraz means “hog” and is documented in the book of Zilina from the year 1473. The name of the village may also have its origin in the name Konerád as an eponymous hill (248 m a.s.l.) near Plášťovice.


Hill Strážov

vylet2Strážov is the highest peak of Strážov mountains. It reaches to 1213 m a.s.l. and is formed by extensive thicket parts of hronicum and fatricum. In the early ages a partial Strážov steep was detached, but today has been included in Považské brusque, which was a part of hronicum. The area is composed of thick layers of limestone and dolomites.

Hill Kľak 1 351,6 m.n.m

vylet10 Kľak is a significant rocky-mountain peak on the main ridge of the south part of Lúčanská Mala Fatra. The peak of Hill Kľak is a great prospect point with a circular view. A cross is placed at the top. Klak is located in the center of a national reservation Klak.


Suľov Mountains – 15 km

vylet7Suľov Mountains are part of the natural preservation Strazov Mountains. It is the Súľov rocks near the village Súľov-Hradná that are a very popular destination for mountain climbers, hikers, cyclists and photographers.


Golf park Rajec – 28 km


Rajec Golf Park Resort can be found in the surroundings of a mesmerizingly beautiful and clean land which is convenient for golf games and lifestyle. 9-hole course has par 31 and a total length of 1951 m.

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Ski Čičmany – 0 km


Čičmany ski resort offers 5 Tatrapoma ski-lifts. During the winter season, ski service, ski equipment rental, depository and ski school are available.

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Cycling tracks in the area


This location is one of the most favorite areas for cyclists.

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Turčianske Teplice Aquapark – 40 km

turcianske tepliceLocated in the heart of Slovakia in the north part of Turiec, just a few kilometers from the center of Europe.

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Spa Veronika Rajec – 20 km

vylet6The resort includes 7 swimming pools, 5-track slides, small slide and other water slides for children. Water temperature in all of the pools reaches 26 °C. Culinary options are provide not only by fast food stands, but also restaurants, pizzeria and a Slovak chalet.


Balneotherapy & SPA Hotel Aphrodite, Rajecke Teplice – 25 km

vylet13This spa resort offers a new aqua world, sauna world, massages, spa packages and various other treatments to all of its visitors. More info at